Justus4us The Poor People's Campaign

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Our Mission:

"To empower members of the black, latino, the Working Poor, LGBT communities and all who are impoverished. To abolish the inequities in legal, healthcare, electoral, education and employment practices and create social change in New York State through Advocacy, Outreach and Education."

The voices and leadership in the Black, Latino, LGBT communities and the working poor continue to be marginalized; therefore, limiting their influence and involvement and ability of effect social change.  Leaders in various institutions need to hear from and work with those most marginalized. In order to facilitate that there needs to be an organized effort to empower those who are marginalized, while engaging leaders about the needs of those from marginalized communities.

“The Campaign” is a grassroots, consumer-led, not for profit organization. We have been meeting the needs of many of our community’s most marginalized people and have addressed key issues that impact their quality of life.

“The Campaign” is led and facilitated by people from marginalized communities. We work to enable marginalized people to effect change in local institutions.

We articulate issues and work towards solutions through grassroots organizing and an effective empowerment model. We accomplish our mission through a process that is threefold:


We give voice to individuals who are not normally represented and amplify the voices of communities in need. We provide real-time technical assistance and committed to 48 hour from "Intake to Action" response time.



We realize that socioeconomic disparities exist partly due to poor dissemination of information. Therefore the campaign has developed an extremely comprehensive community canvassing project.



We understand that empowerment requires a fundamental level of informed participation so we are committed to helping educate our demographic on those socially relevant issues.




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